Dallas Cowboys Should Sign LeBron James

By Matt Banks
LeBron Cowboys
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The mere thought of LeBron James pursuing an NFL career is downright laughable for the majority of the population; that said, just how crazy it actually is for one of the best athletes in the world to pursue one of his dreams? If he did consider a transition, the Dallas Cowboys would be the perfect fit.

It’s widely known that James’ favorite football team is the Cowboys. He’s also acknowledged that he wants to play in at least one NFL game before his professional sports career is over. There have been some special athletes like Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders and Michael Jordan who have tried their hand at two sports, but a more pertinent fact is that there have also been several basketball players who’ve had incredible careers in the NFL after playing in college. This special group include players like Jimmy Graham, Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates.

It’s not like he’s never played organized football before. His last season was his junior year at St. Vincent St. Mary’s, where he took home All-State honors after hauling in 57 receptions for 1,160 yards and 16 touchdowns. Let’s not pretend that James couldn’t effectively box somebody out and out-jump helpless defensive backs in the red zone. His 6-foot-8, 250-pound frame would make him a nightmare for any defense.

Factor in his incredible speed and quickness, and he has Pro Bowl talent written all over him.

If he made the transition, he could likely be a tight end. Let’s face it, Jason Witten is nearing the end, and who better to take his spot than James? I’d take him over Gavin Escobar any day. Tony Romo could pick apart the defense with James as his new safety blanket. Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams could take the top of the defense, freeing up the middle for “King James” to run wild.

Bryant has already given his endorsement for James when asked by ESPN Dallas about the hypothetical scenario, saying:

I’ve seen a little bit of his highlights from high school. He’s got the hands, he can run the routes, he’s fast enough. He could play in this league if he put it all together.”

I don’t know about you, but seeing Bryant and James roaming the same sideline would be scary and perhaps one of the most entertaining things I could think of. Imagine the kind of trash talk and showmanship with those two.

I could think of at least one other person who would love it, and that’s the man who could actually pull the trigger, Jerry Jones. Jones has always been about making the big splash, and there would be no bigger spectacle than this move. He’s brought in big personalities like Deion, Terrell Owens and even Bryant in the past, so the obvious media circus that would follow James would be mere child’s play to him.

There’d be no hotter ticket in the league. “Jerry’s World” would have the big screen overhead, the famous Cowgirls, cage dancers, and the top must-see athlete on the planet on his team. I don’t think he’d have any trouble selling all the personal seat licenses. Jones could sit back, relax, and watch the the popularity of his team flourish even further. He’d have all eyes and ears on him, just like he likes it.

Outlandish, farfetched, and ridiculous are the thoughts that come to people’s minds when thinking that LeBron might ditch the NBA for the NFL. However, if he really wants to be better than Jordan, he should do what Jordan never could — prove that he can be a two-sport star for his favorite team.

So, just how crazy is this scenario really?

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