Derek Carr Needs to Start at QB for the Oakland Raiders

Derek Carr

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Let’s be honest, the Oakland Raiders are a young football team that will not be competing for the AFC West for a number of years. Given the age and the overall talent on their roster, the Raiders have the look of 4-12 to a 5-11 team. Despite being one of the best quarterbacks from the 2014 NFL Draft, the Raiders do not want Derek Carr to start at the beginning of the 2014 season. Instead, the Raiders want Carr to hold the clipboard and learn behind Matt Schaub.

An argument could be made that Carr is already better than Schaub. Sure he’s not a veteran and he will not read defenses as well as Schaub, but the best way to gain experience in the NFL is to play right away. The NFL is a league where players have to learn on the fly. By starting Carr right away, the Raiders will have their franchise quarterback starting at a young age. Something I’m against is having quarterbacks sit on the bench and learn; they just get older and that hurts their chances of solidifying themselves as starters.

The problem with Oakland’s offense in 2014 is that it lacks talent. The Raiders’ receiving group will consist of James Jones, Andre Holmes, Denarius Moore and Rod Streater. With that being said, it makes no sense at all to have the Raiders start Schaub over Carr. This team won’t be a good one in 2014 and Carr needs NFL experience to take the next step. Carr has a ton of potential and the Raiders need to see what they have in the Fresno State product before it’s too late.

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  • Matt

    Smash your computer and never give your opinion again. This might be the dumbest and most uninformed piece of writing ever.

  • Steve Rodo

    Shitty reporting.. you should be surprised you have a job

    • Mike Floros

      I don’t think he actually “has” a job. Guys on these sites are no more credible than you or me. They are fans with opinions, nothing more. This guy…obviously doesn’t know $#!T from shinola.

  • bardicverse

    Article fail. Too bad the comments aren’t on TOP of the article. It would prevent people from having to waste their time reading this unintelligent article. One would think it was written by a scared Chargers or Chiefs fan.

    • AllenF

      Seriously though!

  • Ev

    Are you stupid? Why would you force Carr to play in his rookie year, when you have a vet to be a stopgap while the kid learns the intricacies of playing QB in the NFL? Stop writing, my man.

  • NFLorentime

    The Raiders are not young the team has a mixer of solid veterans like Tuck on defense and MJD on offense look what the team has accomplished in the offseason that’s why people are offended. Raiders Mack and Carr are young true but they are not yet the leaders on the team.

    Read my piece this tells the true story on the Raiders heading into 2014

    • Scotty Turner III

      Barnes , Woody , Kev Burnett , Condo , Seabass , A. Smith and Tuck are the only players on the roster over 30.

      NFLorentime you sir are wrong too.

  • McRaider5150

    Wow! All opinion with no facts. You should be GM for an NFL team some day.

  • Tom Peppel

    How do these articles make it to the web? Isn’t there a screening process?

  • Munny McDermott

    wow I can’t believe you just wasted our time with this article. You are a terrible writer.

  • C C

    Ratty article.

  • Greg Morain

    4-12 to5-11 ? Nope. Gotta say it; the Raiders WILL make you eat those words.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    The entire article sounds like a troll comment. “Something I’m against is having quarterbacks sit on the bench and learn; they just get older and that hurts their chances of solidifying themselves as starters”. Yeah, because that didn’t work out at all for Aaron Rodgers.

  • icon13

    Idiot, the Raiders have a much improved team. They were 4-12 last year. You think they will do the same. STFU, dude! And next time actually watch a Raiders game and you will know we have talent at WR, Streater is a beast and Moore can be a play maker for sure. The reason they look bad is their numbers have suffered due to not having a good QB or O-line to protect said QB. Get ready to look pretty fucking stupid this football season, Ryan. And the Raiders beibg called a young team is a new one to me. The only stupider thing I heard this week was a guy on the radio saying he is worried that the Miami Heat will re-up on players around James and the other two next year. I was like, WTF, we all know he is going to LA or NY.

  • Chris

    Let’s remember that the NFC West was the weakest conference in the NFL 3 years ago. Things change quickly my friend, and the Raiders made a ton of power moves this offseason.

  • Ray Der

    Someone please amputate his balls before he starts to reproduce……and this proves my theory that some sports bloggers are capable of writing while there’s a wooden stick with splinters lodged in their a $$

  • d dog

    Stupid kid haha raiders 4 5 wins dude get it together must b a niner fan easy 8 wins wild card take that to the bank loser

  • AllenF

    Wow I can’t believe I read this bull shit. Everyone has an opinion, but this one is just stupidity.

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  • Aiden Kruskov

    Dude…seriously. You’re wrong about so much in this article that’s it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad that you have the job you do. My 6 year old knows more about the Raiders and apparently football than you do.

  • Scotty Turner III

    Wow who is this guy lmao ? Totally disagree about our WR’s too ask CJ , Fitz , A.J. Green , Megatron , Andre Johnson and Julio what it’s like to win a Superbowl becase they are dynamic and exciting WR’s. Oh wait they’ve never won any , WR’s don’t win playoff games or SB’s defense does. You keep the score down and have the ability to score when you need it. That’s how you win.

  • SilverandBlackisBack34

    Aaron Rodgers would disagree with you. You are a dipsh** seriously. The raiders are going to be better than you think. I would bet on 8-8. You seriously should not have a job.