Having New York Jets' Playbook Provides No Real Advantage For Bill Belichick

By Luis Tirado Jr.
new york jets playbook
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By now, many have heard about the allegations of Bill Belichick having the playbook of one of his rivals. Rumors have been circulating that he has a copy of the New York Jets‘ defensive playbook, and many are speculating if it’s going to give him any advantages.

Whether it’s true or not, however, it doesn’t really matter when you look at his track record and the legacy he has built so far.

Belichick is considered by many to be one of the greatest head coaches in the sport. He’s considered a modern-day Vince Lombardi due to all of his Super Bowl championships, and the fact that he’s built a dynasty from the ground up. He accomplished that by drafting smartly, turning castaways from other teams into great players, and being lucky enough to have Tom Brady on his New England Patriots teams.

The Jets got stuck in this media whirlwind due a mistake by head coach Rex Ryan. He gave a copy of the Jets’ defensive playbook to college head coach Nick Saban as a gift without truly knowing he’s best friends with Belichick. It’s not confirmed if he did indeed hand it over to Belichick but honestly, it means nothing.

What would the defensive playbook of a team he’s dominated for years do for him anyway? Belichick is a mastermind and has ruined plenty of seasons for the Jets consistently already. This is one of the classic cases of the media blowing something small up to massive proportions since it’s the offseason.

A story is a story of course, but at the end of the day, this is just something that really holds no weight. Above everything, Ryan made a poor judgement call by giving a colleague something that should have been kept to those who are employed within the Jets.

Perhaps it’s a lesson learned by Ryan: be careful of who you trust.

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