It's Time Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III Call His Own Game, Not Parents

By Jason Bailey
Robert Griffin III
Rob Carr-Getty Images

Cross your fingers, toes and eyes. Hopefully Washington Redskins junior signal caller Robert Griffin III will take the field this fall without a pacifier in his mouth and his mommy and daddy holding his hands as his presiding gridiron wingmen.

Oh no you didn’t! Well, not yet I haven’t, but I’m fixing to. It’s evidently a politically incorrect and particularly touchy issue for the Griffin household — and all parties associated — but it hasn’t been sufficiently addressed yet. Maybe somebody should. Who was Washington’s offensive coordinator last season? Current Cleveland Browns offensive mastermind Kyle Shanahan. Well who was really the Redskins’ offensive coordinator? Or, rather, who was committing a flagrant domestic infraction trying to be? Robert Griffin II. Nothing gets by you, does it?

RG III’s dad should have been cited by his son for unwelcome and excessive parenting last season and probably should have been served a restraining order. RG II was a chronic presence during his son’s transition from college to the pros. And while many collegiate athletes would kill to have the presence of a loving and supportive dad in their lives during that phase of life and beyond, Griffin Jr. was just a little overkill. Disturbingly overkill.

The man regularly pulled a Frank Morgan in MGM’s The Wizard of Oz. RG II was routinely manipulating and coercing the club’s hierarchy from behind the curtains until he harvested the results he sought to ensure his son would dazzle the NFL with his intellect, elusive mobility and the rocket launcher mounted on his right shoulder. The display of off-color and bizarre parenting was almost as cute, but not really. The results were off-the-chart disturbing to most parties with knowledge of the situation except Griffin III, himself.

Griffin II patronizingly criticized the club’s head coaches and the team’s seasoned physicians associated with his son’s freshman year ACL injury and rehabilitation process. “…I would have pulled him … he was done as far as I was concerned,” he said, per

The senior Griffin said he expects to see some changes in the management of the game to protect his son and the team’s investment. He would like to see the Redskins run his son less and believes the team’s coaching staff should draft an offensive game plan that reduces his son’s mobility and transforms Griffin III into more of a pocket passer.

“He doesn’t have to be a runner as much as I saw,” senior Griffin has advised. “I’m his dad. I want him throwing that football — a lot. A lot. That first year everybody was just, ‘Wow.’ It can’t be a ‘Wow’ again.”

OK, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that how Washington’s offensive coordinator and head coach drafts their playbook and employ key personnel on the depth chart is light years from being any of your immediate concern. We would like to thank senior Griffin for his prescribed gridiron evaluation and medical advise to the club’s front office and coaching staff. The guidance is noted and chronicled. Acceptance is pending. Believe it or not, senior Griffin’s chronic unwelcome and questionable presence in his son’s profession doesn’t stop there.

After RG III had labored painfully through the first game of his pro career without his team scoring a touchdown, his dad unconventionally visited him — in the locker room — where the two promptly engaged in a lengthy and heated conversation.

As a general rule of thumb, parents don’t visit their sons in a post-game NFL locker room. And if they do, they definitely don’t engage in a strained and prolonged conversation. Did Mommy Manning apply a maternal Band-Aid to Eli Manning‘s smarting heart after his first postseason loss to the Carolina Panthers? And did she smother Peyton Manning‘s nose with a handkerchief in the locker room following his Super Bowl losses, during which ferocious, ball-hawking and savvy defenses one-upped his gridiron intellect and extinguished arguably the most deadly arm in NFL history?

I could say more, but I reserve the right to decline an audience with a brick wall. The Redskins’ offense will not accelerate until Griffin III clears himself to call his own game — not his parents.

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