Johnny Manziel Shouldn't Change Off-Field Ways, For Now

By Andrew Fisher
Johnny Manziel
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Johnny Manziel hasn’t even really started his NFL career and he’s already asking to be left alone. You can’t blame him, because literally anything he does is a story. However, very few Manziel stories are actual stories. Him taking a trip to Vegas is not a story, as much as ESPN would like it to be.

The constant attention and talk over personal time has apparently already gotten under the skin of the rookie QB:

“I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. If I want to be with my friends during my free time, I have the right. I’m not going to change for anybody. I’m going to enjoy my time off,” said Manziel via

Translation — leave me alone!

As much as John Football would like to be left alone, it’s just not going to happen. Maybe 15-20 years ago he would’ve had a shot at flying under the radar during his personal time, but not in 2014. Instant information and social media will always prove to be the tattletales. Anytime someone sees him in a party-like environment it’s going to be a ‘story’. Manziel Goes Wild Again!

I say let Johnny be Johnny. He’s a guy who likes to go out with friends and possibly put down a couple of adult beverages. Big deal. Until his off-field ways start to affect to his play on Sundays, leave the guy alone. He’s not the first pro athlete to play by his own rules, and he certainly won’t be the last.

At least he’s not boring like Russell Wilson.


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