Miami Dolphins: Don Jones' Crushing Fine And Suspension For Tweets Questionable

By Jason Bailey
Don Jones
Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins fined defensive back Don Jones an undisclosed but likely crushing fiscal measure and resolutely excused him from team activities, mandating that he subject himself to extensive educational training that would indoctrinate him regarding the culture’s prescribed definition of sensitivity.

Sounds like a schizophrenic narcissist. He must have done something flagrantly perverted, unprofessional, disturbing, immature or dangerous. Well, no. Jones actually did nothing inappropriate, sexual, racist, perverted or destructive. Nor did he say anything defaming, derogatory or off-color. He just committed the ultimate cultural heresy that was seen as politically inexcusable. After observing the celebration kiss of St. Louis Rams defensive end Michael Sam on ESPN, Jones posted tweets of “OMG” and “horrible” that went viral.

You would have thought the defensive back raped a juvenile the way the NFL‘s administration and the media exploded with scathing rage. For his vanilla comments Jones was torn to pieces, fined and all but confined to a mental institution.

So let me get this straight. It’s politically acceptable and correct for the NFL to cite Jones for his elementary comments, crush him with a monstrosity of a fine and force him to withstand educational, therapeutic training prescribed by league officials before he is cleared to resume offseason activities with his club. All of this on the grounds that Jones tweeted objectionable comments after observing Sam’s questionable display of affection with his boyfriend that ESPN would have done well not to air.

And yet league executives bent the knee looking awkwardly in the opposite direction during the O.J. Simpson trial, shifted their weight and looked at the floor when apprised of the New Orleans Saints‘ bounty program, evaded dishing out legal repercussions concerning Pittsburgh Steelers signal caller Ben Roethlisberger‘s sexual assault accusations and stuck their heads in the sand while the New England Patriots defiled the NFL and its prized Super Bowl with the profane Spygate Scandal.

And yet when Jones posts vanilla tweets regarding a public display of affection on ESPN by Sam and his boyfriend that the defensive back finds personally distasteful, the seething fury of the NFL is kindled. Oh no. Uh uh. Can’t have that! And then the Dolphins front office likely threatens Jones with his job — if not more than that — in the event that he declines to issue a heartfelt retraction. Seriously? It would seem that the NFL only issues judicial penalties when it is politically correct, convenient and of most profit to the league. But if you step on anyone’s toes you will be sent to your room.

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