Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo's Decision To Give Up Golf Quiets Critics

By Jeff Smith
Tony Romo Quits Golf
Matthew Emmons- USA TODAY Sports

Golf was never the main focus of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and it never will be. Romo heard many critics talk about his passion for golfing, but after his back surgery (the first one) back in April of 2013, Romo hasn’t been playing any golf. This may not be a big deal for most people (like myself), but for many critics, Romo’s passion for golf meant that he cared less about being the quarterback of the Cowboys, which is completely false.

We’ve now officially seen that Romo is truly focused on being the best NFL quarterback possible and leading the Cowboys, thanks to his decision to stop playing golf to avoid any potential back issues. Golf was never a “distraction” for Romo, but since he enjoyed it so much and played it during the offseason, the critics would immediately say that he wasn’t as committed to football as he needed to be.

That statement was a total joke, and each and every time that I read it, I more than likely rolled my eyes. Romo’s decision to golf never affected training camp or any team activities at all, and on top of that, he did it simply to enjoy his time off. Some play golf, some play basketball, some people simply just take vacations all over the place in their offseason. It’s really no big deal.

What is a big deal is Romo’s statement about his decision to give up golf, where he said that he doesn’t “think about it as giving up golf. It’s just life.” He continued by saying that, “You want to give yourself the best chance to succeed on the football field.” If you want to read that one again, that final line is what essentially shuts up all critics about Romo’s mindset relating to football and also relating to golf.

Not only is Romo’s heart in the right place, but his head is as well. He knows that he wants to take this team to the promised land, and for them to make it there he’ll have to be a massive part of it. Hats off to Romo for focusing on his biggest tasks at hand, but also for ignoring the critics in previous years.

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