Richard Crawford Will Be a Reckoning Presence in the Washington Redskins' Secondary

By Jason Bailey
Richard Crawford
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins‘ secondary has been something of an annual liability for a hot minute. As a matter of fact, the club hasn’t had a defensive back on their depth chart who wasn’t either completely incompetent or old enough to apply for social security. And this is just an educated guess, but that might be the reason why the defensive backfield takes almost a week to run the 40. But your guess is just as good as mine.

Based on those minutes from a score of team meetings, it would be safe to deduce that the Redskins could use experience and youth on their secondary’s depth chart heading into 2014. The team will be getting the best of both worlds if the selective and intense gauging process of the club’s coaching staff and GM Bruce Allen don’t determine to cut CB Richard Crawford following this summer’s training camp and preseason evaluations.

Remember him? No? That’s funny, because if his memory serves Crawford had front row seats to the weekly humiliation the Redskins’ secondary suffered last season when rival flankers mercilessly blew Jurassic Park-sized gorges through the second level of the defense en route to the end zone. He watched in silence, but rest assured he wasn’t too happy about the flagrant persecution. The competitive SMU product harbors extraordinary athleticism and has formidable ball skills coupled with a gridiron intelligence and field vision that should exceed his two years of professional experience — but doesn’t.

In 2012 the reckoning defensive back logged his first career interception as a professional DB against the Dallas Cowboys, had 13 tackles with five assists and two passes deflected. NFC East rivals, consider yourselves put on notice; he’s just getting warmed up. The kid suffered an unfortunate and frustrating anatomical setback when he was sidelined during the first quarter of a preseason game against the Buffalo Bills in 2013 due to tearing his LCL, ACL and all but likely the PCL in his left knee. For real? Give me a break. Talk about a slightly inopportune setback. He really ought not to do that this season. The sophomore defensive back has since upped his game by investing his rehabilitation time on Washington’s IR list working with legendary Redskins cornerback Darrell Green.

The NFC East had better brace itself. There’s an ominous Derecho-sized storm rumbling on the distant horizon. It’s called Crawford’s sophomore season and future in the secondary. He may not look like much or pack the professional resume to make opposing signal callers and premier wideouts balk a pass in his direction, but Crawford’s untested game in the secondary should not be disregarded. Given time, he will mirror an upgraded Richard Sherman.

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