Revisiting New York Giants' 2013 Fourth Round Draft Pick of Ryan Nassib

By Daniel Brennan
Ryan Nassib New York Giants 2013 NFL Draft
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It’s easy to second guess a draft pick in any league. However, there are some picks that leave fans, the media, and pretty much everyone immediately scratching their head. When the New York Giants drafted quarterback Ryan Nassib in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft, it nearly started a nation-wide balding epidemic.

The only reasoning behind the Nassib pick was that the Giants were hoping to pick up a young prospect to back up franchise quarterback Eli Manning and maybe one day down the road be handed the baton. But the fact is, using a fourth round pick on a player who is not going to play for possibly 5-7 more years makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

A fourth round pick can be very valuable. A team like the Giants, who struggled mightily in 2013 could have acquired another offensive lineman with that pick. No, one player would not have completely changed the fate of New York last season, but just about anybody would have contributed more than Nassib, who did not appear in a single game.

Manning was 32 years old when Nassib was drafted. Sure, in his career, Manning has gone through inconsistencies and struggles that cannot be overlooked. However, he has also delivered two Super Bowls, so there is no way that his starting spot is not secure.

Nassib had to be drafted to take over the reins in the future. But when is that going to be? Quarterbacks can play into their late 30s or early 40s nowadays and we are talking about Eli Manning, who is as durable a quarterback as there is in the NFL. The question with Manning is not so much how his health will be, but more about how his skills will be in the coming years.

Even if Manning were to get injured this season, Nassib is not the second-string quarterback. Curtis Painter is currently Manning’s backup because of Nassib’s offseason struggles. Nassib has looked less than impressive with Giants thus far. Through offseason workouts, training camps and preseason games, Nassib has shown inaccuracy and has been prone to turnovers. Two struggles that usually go hand in hand.

Maybe Nassib is still the quarterback of the future. Then again, maybe we’ll never see Nassib take a snap in a regular season game donning the New York Giants blue.

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