Hall of Famer Cris Carter Should Reach Out to Cleveland Browns' Josh Gordon

By Ronnie Hampston
Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon Should Seek Help From Hall of Famer Cris Carter
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The Cleveland Browns are in a tough position as their best offensive weapon, Josh Gordon, continues to be a headcase off the field. Gordon was recently arrested for a DWI this past weekend, which could add to his suspension that is already in progress for the 2014 season. The star wide receiver has been in the headlines due to his run-ins with the law more than talking about his excellent play on the field. Gordon has failed multiple drug tests, and this latest run-in displays that Gordon is need of serious help. As of now a lot of people are talking down on Gordon in a negative way as they should, but there is someone Gordon can turn to for help in Hall-of-Fame wide receiver Cris Carter.

Like Gordon, Carter started off his career on a high note, flashing superstar ability at the wide receiver position that also carried a lot of excess baggage. At the time Carter was a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, but despite his potential he was released by then head coach Buddy Ryan. Carter had issues off the field, and it seemed as it if was more important to save Cris Carter the person rather than Cris Carter the football player. The same can be said for Gordon. I am not saying that Gordon can become a Hall-of-Fame receiver, but his play on the field shows how great he can be if he is a consummate professional on and off the field. Talks have surfaced that Gordon should enter drug rehab, or some program that can help with his issues, but I think that having Carter as a mentor could be equally effective. With Carter going through similar issues at the same stage of their careers it can give Gordon a visual of what he can become if he is on the right behavior.

Gordon is only 23 years of age, so he may not be willing to open up to someone he can’t relate to. With Carter as a mentor he can relate to him due to their similarities. After Carter had his off-the-field issues and brief stint with the Eagles, Carter turned himself into a good citizen and went on to be a Hall-of-Fame wide receiver. The NFL is a brotherhood, and this is the perfect opportunity for Gordon to seek help.

Carter has mentored younger players before, so this would not be his first rodeo. There is always time to save someone, and that time is now for Gordon. It’s time for Gordon to shape up before he gets shipped out of Cleveland.

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