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New York Jets: Geno Smith Predicting Super Bowl Run Shows Right Attitude

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Entering his sophomore season, quarterback Geno Smith is filled with confidence.

Of course, if you’re an athlete in the NFL, you will always want to prove to yourself and those around you that everything will fall into place and a championship season is in the works. Let’s face it, the New York Jets are preparing for a full season of professional football and the expectations are incredibly high for the team to produce a winning season.

Smith predicted that the Jets have what it takes to make a serious run towards the Super Bowl, a bold statement made to bolster the confidence of the team and to make a point that they must play harder than ever before this time around.

Keep in mind he never actually proclaimed the Jets are absolutely going to the Super Bowl this season, just that he believes the team has what it takes to compete with the best of them. When one thinks about it, he’s simply saying what anyone would in his position.

The will to succeed starts with keeping a goal alive, and Smith’s statement shows that he has the right attitude and that he believes in the overall message given to him by his coaches. Surely he can’t go on record saying the Jets will have a losing season, but his attitude will do wonders for his work with all of his new offensive weapons this seasons.

Could the Jets have a magical season on the horizon though? If all the pieces fall where they should, they will absolutely improve from its 8-8 effort of last year. It’s hard to predict if it will be enough to bring home a championship, but you have to give Smith credit for striving towards greatness.

With a major commitment to the running game, plenty of upgrades to the WR corps, and the evolution of the team’s stellar defense, the Jets are on the rise. If Smith can elevate his game and do his part, maybe he’s not too far off from his prediction that the Jets could indeed make a Super Bowl run.

It all starts with the right attitude — the rest will take care of itself.

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