The Party Has To Stop For Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel

By Jack Delaney
Johnny Manziel Rolled Up Dollar Bill
Getty Images

Quarterback Johnny Manziel is probably wishing that he had listened to the advice of teammate Joe Haden a little more carefully, as an unflattering picture of what appears to be Manziel rolling up money in a Las Vegas bathroom has been released and has spread through social media like wildfire.

Haden suggested that not only does Johnny Football need a “phone valet” to prevent images of his partying being released, but he should also start keeping track of who is in his entourage. Some of the rookie quarterback’s outings have been publicly recorded, and the Cleveland Browns‘ brass has not been happy with some of these images.

These include Manziel drinking on a Swan float, and a video in which he holds a large stack of cash, pretends it’s a phone, and states that he can’t hear who is on the phone because he has “too much [expletive] money.”

As a 21-year old superstar, it is hard to blame Manziel for wanting to reap the lifestyle benefits of what his career can provide. While most people his age are stressing over college debt and working minimum wage jobs, Johnny Football is hanging out with celebrities and dating models.

If he can learn the playbook and bust his butt in training camp, I have no issue with his partying. When this type of picture is released, however, it does indicate that things may be getting out of hand.

I know the first instinct of Manziel supporters will be to blast this picture and state that it is just an attempt to take him down a notch, but it is hard to find a reason why he would be rolling up a single bill inside a bathroom. There are not any drugs present in the photo, and perhaps this was just some type of joke that Manziel set up to give his detractors fodder, but the picture does nothing to benefit him in any way.

It was a fun ride while it lasted, but Manziel needs to immediately stop the partying if he wants to keep his job.

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