Minnesota Vikings: Norv Turner Likes All QBs, But There's Only One Choice

By Andrew Fisher
Minnesota Vikings
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

It’s early, but Norv Turner sounds happy with his decision to join the Minnesota Vikings as their offensive coordinator.

“We’ve got a really, really good group (of QBs). We get between 120 to 140 snaps during a training camp day and that is plenty enough time for all the guys to work a rotation and give them bigger reps and evaluate them,” Turner said via NFL.com.

Turner has had nothing but nice things to say about all three QBs on the Vikings’ roster since coming aboard, including Christian Ponder, who most fans have already written off. But when it comes time for the first snaps of training camp and the preseason in 2014, everybody is in agreeance as to who will be under center. Right?

Okay, so there will be some debate as to whether rookie Teddy Bridgewater deserves a crack at the starting gig, but all signs point to Matt Cassel being the Vikings signal-caller.

“I think that Matt Cassel has had an outstanding spring and is getting himself ready to really have a good year. And we know Teddy’s been really, really impressive and a lot further along than I expected him to be,” Turner added.

Those two statements really say it all — Cassel is ready for a good year, while Bridgewater is further along than expected. As for Ponder, he’s basically just an insurance policy at this point. Cassel is the clear choice to start the season based on his play in 2013 and his overall experience level.

The only real question is who the Vikings’ backup will be?

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