Michael Irvin Strongly Disagrees With Cris Carter Over Josh Gordon Situation

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Irvin
Getty Images

Josh Gordon‘s troubles with substance abuse have people across the NFL talking. Many have given their two cents on the situation, including Tyrann Mathieu and Cris Carter, who have both had their own struggles with addiction.

Michael Irvin has now entered the mix as well. Not only did he give his take on Gordon’s situation, he also revealed a past beef with Carter over his own problems with cocaine in the 1990s.

“Now, isolation for Cris may have been the best thing. Separation, for Cris, may have been the best thing. For Josh, maybe it’s the worst thing,” Irvin said on the Dan Le Batard Show.

Irvin then got personal and shared this story:

“I’m going to put a little personal on this even though I love Cris to death. I don’t know what year it was we were in the Pro Bowl. And all Cris is trying to do, he’s just trying to share his experiences. He said to my wife, ‘You know, Michael would never come out of this problem until you leave him.’ I was so irked with Cris because he was out of line then. His *** is out of line now. He is out of line.”

So there you have it. According to Irvin, Carter’s comments about the Cleveland Browns cutting Gordon were out of line. I personally believe that Mathieu has had the best take on Gordon’s situation so far. He claims, and would know, that only the person going through the troubles truly knows the depths of their situation and that the decision to turn things around has to come from within.

One way or another, the path Gordon is going down isn’t a good one.


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