Washington Redskins TEs are Charged to Punish Rival Defenses in 2014

By Jason Bailey
Jordan Reed Tight End
Tom Pennington-Getty Images

The Washington Redskins‘ pass defense may have required the application of an X26 Taser Gun as incentive for the defensive backfield to get its act together last season, but the team’s contingent of tight ends packed enough voltage to light up D.C.’s nocturnal skyline. It’s an awesome wattage of charged current that harbors enough power to burn until the Lincoln Memorial’s near century-long patience fuse of the ongoing drama on Capitol Hill burns out, sending his dangerously heightened cholesterol through the roof as he elects to take an indefinite sabbatical.

Among the formidable arsenal of offensive artillery on the Redskins’ depth chart projected to make life very difficult for rival defenses this season is sophomore tight end Jordan Reed. During his freshman season with Washington, Reed shocked opposing secondaries with 45 receptions for 499 yards, 30 first downs and three touchdowns in just nine games, averaging a jaw-dropping 11.1 yards per reception. The second-year tight end’s exceptional versatility, polished route-running and clutch hands have more than impressed head coach Jay Gruden and offensive coordinator Sean McVay. Both reputable offensive architects have raved about the sophomore tight end and fully expect Reed to stretch and electrocute defenses this fall.

“You can’t cover the guy,” McVay has said of Reed. “He knows what he’s doing, where he’s going, and how he’s going to get there. You can’t draft a game plan to counter that.”

You heard the man. Reed will punish defenders who get in his way with his intellect, hands and potent versatility. He is the complete package with the ability move around inside or outside, creating mismatches even against the league’s foremost safeties, cornersbacks and linebackers, and will prove to give defensive coordinators nightmares. Sweet dreams.

If you can’t take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen. Opposing defenses, consider yourselves warned. Reed fully expects to visit the end zone on a regular basis and will make it rain, giving scoreboard keepers a workout.

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