Houston Texans Need To Trade Andre Johnson Before Training Camp

By Andrew Fisher
Andre Johnson
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Johnson isn’t sure he’ll show up for Houston Texans training camp. Throughout the history of the NFL when players are disgruntled before training camp, things rarely work themselves out for the better. It’s not that Johnson’s career in Houston can’t be saved, it’s that it’s unlikely to be saved at this point.

Four teams are reportedly interested in trading for the talented WR, but there’s been no indication from the Texans that they’re willing to part ways with him. At least not yet.

As crazy as it sounds, because Johnson is one of the best receivers in the past decade of the NFL, it’s time for Houston to start shopping him. Sure, they will take a step back on offense, but it will be worth it in the long run.

The time is now to deal Johnson because the team can completely move on before training camp even starts. He doesn’t want to be there, so the Texans shouldn’t want him there. It’s not like they’re in a position to compete for a title this season. They’re a team coming off a horrible two-win campaign, with a rookie head coach and an average QB under center.

Keeping Johnson on board is only going to drag those around him down. If he’s not bought in to what Bill O’Brien and the organization are doing, he’s got to go. Disgruntled employees are bad for business. Now is the perfect time for Houston to get something in return. Whether it’s a draft pick or a less talented WR, anything is better than having a locker room cancer on the roster.

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