Michael Crabtree Smart To Deflect Latest Richard Sherman Trash Talk

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Crabtree
USA Today Sports

Shots have once again been fired from Richard Sherman to Michael Crabtree. As if his over-the-top comments following the NFC Championship game weren’t enough, Sherman felt the need to reiterate his dislike for the San Francisco 49ers star wide out on a recent episode of American Muscle.

In short, he continued to call Crabtree a sorry receiver, and said that he looks forward to showing him up in the future.

Of course, Crabtree has since been reached for comment:

“I don’t get into talking about these guys. I concentrate on football. It’s my life. I don’t have too much to prove when it comes to talking on TV. I’m a baller,” the 49ers’ WR said via ESPN.

As nice as it would have been for Crabtree to offer up a pipe bomb of his own, story-wise, the WR ultimately made the right call to take the high road. At this point he’s best served to not respond to anything Sherman says, both on and off the field. Because if there’s anything that truly irritates a loudmouth, it’s giving them the silent treatment.

To me, the final play of the NFC Championship game was about Sherman being the best DB in football, and not at all about Crabtree being sorry. Crabtree is a dang good WR, but Sherman just happens to be better at his particular job.

All of this back-and-forth, or lackthereof from Crabtree, will only make 49ers/Seahawks a better rivalry than it already is. That means football fans win.

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