Should Washington Redskins' Robert Griffin III Be On NFL Network's Top 100 Players Of 2014?

By Jason Bailey
Robert Griffin III
Ron Chenoy-USA Today Sports

The NFL Network announced the inevitable last month that infiltrated throughout the league’s subsystem and likely launched a Niagara Falls-sized tsunami of ice water cascading down the hypersensitive and touchy ego of Washington Redskins third-year signal caller Robert Griffin III. It was unveiled that the franchise quarterback’s name would not be documented on the presiding network’s list of the Top 100 Players of 2014.

What a surprise. I hope this doesn’t come as a bolt-from-the-blue disturbance to anyone because the fan base appears somewhat shocked. Reality check, people. I saw this coming last season as the Redskins’ annual version of CBS’s The Young and the Restless exhausted its broadcasting welcome and the weekly Sunday ratings took such a plunge that no one within miles of the set would have balked if local networks had flushed their rights to the team’s games to the nearest septic tank.

Naturally, there are those who would dispute NFL Network’s justifiable ruling, assert that Griffin should still be seriously considered for a cushy perch among the league’s elite based on past performances. He ranks seventh overall in the league since his rookie season, and the NFL dubbed him the second-best signal caller under the age of 25 in addition to listing him 15th in their Top 100 after his dazzling and hypnotizing rookie season made the ladies —  and legions of giddy men in the team’s encompassing fan base — swoon.

Yeah, um…that was two years ago. And the NFL Network’s ruling comes in the wake of the gridiron Houdini’s embarrassing and inept sophomore season. Let me explain something to you. You have to earn your stripes in the pros, something Griffin III failed to do last season.

Oh, you can’t dock or flag his record-breaking rehabilitation effort. Some would have thrown in the towel, pulled a poor pitiful me attitude, held out for a monstrosity of a contract inflation and waited for their fan base to send flowers for the invalid.

Still, Griffin never wowed last season and his numbers didn’t exactly feature a bed of roses. The child went 258 for 393, totaling 3,203 yards and 16 touchdowns last season. He misfired and second guessed his way through his sophomore year and was picked 12 times while being hammered to the turf by hungry defenses on 38 occasions. His quarterback rating plummeted like a peregrine falcon from a whopping 102.4 during his rookie year to a punishing 82.2 the ensuing season. He also coughed up the football 11 times.

Additionally, inconclusive reports have surfaced that Griffin suffered from a hearing defect throughout the duration of his sophomore season capsize. Sources say Washington’s QB-1 could hear Senior Griffin intermittently calling plays in his son’s remote helmet headset. Yeah, we’re going to assume that this eerie happening was both provisional and the result of his anatomical physique being chronically hammered to the turf by surging defensive fronts.

If Griffin III so desires to be reinstated on the NFL Network’s Top 100 depth chart, he should be advised that that mandates he take up his Louisville Slugger, step up to the plate and stop acting like he’s an assumed hybrid of legendary offensive masters Peyton Manning and Randall Cunningham. It’s not exactly a secret Griffin III definitely has to up his game and himself in 2014.

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