Donovan McNabb Should Back Off Dallas Cowboys' Jason Garrett

By Matt Banks
Jason Garrett
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Dallas Cowboys‘ Head Coach Jason Garrett is one of the most scrutinized coaches, not only in the NFL, but in all of sports. It’s easy to look at his 29-27 record and say he’s no good, but former Donovan McNabb has been very candid, saying that he should no longer be the Cowboys coach. Donovan has never been shy about expressing himself, but he needs to relax.

We live in a society where we want and can get information instantly. It seems as though that concept has made its way into the sports world as well. If a player or coach doesn’t make the playoffs in a couple years then it’s assumed they can’t be successful.

McNabb’s job is to give his opinion. He’s entitled to it just like anybody else. Being a former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, I take what he says about anybody tied to the Cowboys organization with a grain of salt. What I really think he, and many sports fans need is a history lesson.

When fans think of great coaches names like Bill Belichick, Chuck Knoll and Bill Walsh come to mind. These guys are viewed as masters of their craft, but it wasn’t always that way.

Knoll was 12-30 through his first three seasons. Walsh only posted a 21-27 mark during the same period. Belichick was below average in Cleveland at 20-28 and not much better in New England at 21-27. Those three men went on to win 10 championships in their careers. They all had the trust from the organization that allowed them to work through tough times.

Jerry Jones has received a lot of heat for not breaking ties with his current coach and former player. I think Jones found someone he can trust and doesn’t want to throw that relationship away without giving him a real chance. Garrett is often made to look like a fool by the media in many situations. Whether it’s “freezing his own kicker” or poor clock management, he always gets a raw deal. Many think coaching is an easy job, but it’s not.

Speaking from experience, so many things run through your head during the course of a game that it’s impossible for one man to shoulder all that blame. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory. Head coaches, just like quarterbacks, get too much of the blame when things go wrong. Garrett has been in both positions and knows how to handle himself.

Garrett isn’t perfect, but he does have a brilliant football mind. He has taken over the Cowboys draft and now has built a solid core of young players looking to make their impact. He’s a very good motivator and understands the physical and mental tools it takes to win.

If you don’t believe this guy understands what it takes to lead, just read his 22 lessons on leadership and tell me that you wouldn’t want him as your coach.

So, if you side with McNabb on this issue, I encourage you to find some patience and perspective because we don’t know what the future holds for Garrett and the Cowboys. This might be who he is, or he could develop into an all-time great. Only time will tell.

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