New York Jets' Offense Needs to Be Top 15 in NFL

By Stephen Conway
Richard Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Richard Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

If the New York Jets want to be anywhere near relevant in the playoff hunt this year, the offense needs to be in the better half of the league this season.

The defense is good enough to get them to the playoffs even if the offense is in the lower half, but that’s as far as it will take them. Last year, at 8-8, New York almost made the playoffs thanks to a top 10 NFL defense, in addition to a top-three defensive team against the rush. Thanks to a 25th-ranked offense in the league, New York fell short of playoff aspirations.

However, with additions such as Eric Decker, Chris Johnson, Jace Amaro, Jalen Saunders and Shaq Evans, among others, as well as a second-year quarterback in Geno Smith, the offense should be much better. Whoever the quarterback may be, whether it is Smith or newly acquired Michael Vick, they will have a new group of weapons to throw to — a much improved selection, by the way.

Second-year coach Marty Mornhinweg was able to have some success last year with a very poor offensive unit, so with additions from free agency and the draft, he has the tools to make this offense a good one.

Come playoff time, defenses are in their prime, meaning that offenses have to work that much harder to score points. No matter how good the New York defense is, if there offense is not there, it will look like another .500 season, just missing the playoffs.

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