The Dallas Cowboys Will Once Again Ask Too Much From Offense in 2014

By Jeff Smith
Dallas Cowboys 2014 Offense
Jeffrey Pittenger- USA TODAY Sports

It really isn’t a surprise at this point. Year in and year out, the defense of the Dallas Cowboys continue to struggle. In all honesty though, even if the defense pulls a complete 180 and we see this team play out of their minds, I don’t think they are higher than a top-15 defense realistically. With that being said, I fully believe that the Cowboys are going to have to ask too much of their offense again this coming season, and that may be their greatest downfall.

The Cowboys have all of the weapons you could ask for offensively. A gun-slinging quarterback who can make plays and move around in the pocket while still looking down field. A wide receiver who can go up and pretty much out-jump anyone in the NFL, as well as a tight end who we can call Mr. Reliable, because he never misses a game and has excellent hands. On top of that they have a running back who is far above average in yards per carry, as well as a back-up running back who can break one at any point.

All in all, the Cowboys offense has it all. Regardless of how good Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, DeMarco Murray and Lance Dunbar are though, they’ll need the defense to help out. Shootouts week in and week out aren’t going to equal out to success in the NFL.

As a Cowboy fan, it’s about hoping for the best and expecting the worst. If the defense can’t help out the offense though, we could be in for another long season where there is just too much weight on the shoulders of the offensive players.

What will 2014 bring? We’ll have to wait and see, but my fingers are crossed that the defense can step it up quite a bit from last season.

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