Washington Redskins 2014 Training Camp Profile: Shawn Lauvao

By Jason Bailey
Shawn Lauvao
Jeff Hanisch-USA Today Sports

We have it on good authority that the Washington Redskins‘ offensive line just might be the bee’s knees of the NFL this season. Don’t laugh … much. A unit that had rival defensive linemen practically living in the backfield last season has fielded what would seem to be a blockbuster upgrade along the interior.

If Redskins head coach Jay Gruden hadn’t stamped guard Shawn Lauvao‘s John Hancock to a four-year deal, the kid could quite possibly find himself entrenched with the United States Secret Service detail. He is definitely not someone you would want to cross in a dark alley. Towering above the turf at an imperial 6-foot-3, 315-pounds, Lauvao brandishes Burmese python-powered arms to constrict the league’s most foreboding pass rushers and flexes titanium floatie-sized biceps to rock defensive fronts, school second-level alignments and fuel a 400-horsepower ground game.

Lauvao’s scouting report radiates with commanding promise. His best quality with the Cleveland Browns was his pass protection feature. He is also particularly effective in picking up and extinguishing stunts by opposing defensive linemen. His superior pocket awareness and ability to diagnose and thwart blitzes will be a most welcomed resource, provided he is able to warrant a roster spot and execute. And … he’s under 30. That’s always a good thing. The club’s penchant for wooing and signing reputable and grossly outdated athletes has been something of an eye-rolling status quo, disturbing malpractice and a rhythmic pet peeve.

The newbie does harbor enforcement defects that will need to be addressed and mopped up. Preferably before the start of the season. Lauvao’s game reportedly dips when engaged in run blocking detail. That fundamental of his scouting report is hopefully a mere technicality. The Redskins could really use a shot of size, youth and experience coursing through the veins of their offensive front this fall. Somehow, I doubt Redskins Nation would object to an overdose at this juncture.

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