Will Houston Texans' Jadeveon Clowney Meet Expectations Or Bust?

By Jason Bailey
Jadeveon Clowney
Jeremy Brevard-USA Today Sports

He wrecked conference ball carriers, mercilessly lit up the SEC‘s elite signal callers and haunted offensive backfields. And now he is charged to play lights out football for the Houston Texans.

South Carolina locomotive Jadeveon Clowney is probably a gentleman on his first date. Even that is inconclusive. But when the man dons a helmet on game day and the ball is snapped, Clowney is a bona fide machine devoid of emergency brakes. He splinters through the most stacked offensive lines and trucks right over would-be ball carriers. And he doesn’t usually take time for a pit stop to make sure the backfield’s residents have properly secured the football before resolutely jacking them.

Just ask former Michigan Wolverines running back Vincent Smith, who fielded arguably the most punishing blow from the behemoth defensive end in the waning minutes of the famous 2013 Outback Bowl. Clowney rocked Smith with a bone-jarring explosion of power that neighboring teammates cited sounded like a ridiculous car wreck. The impact of the jaw-dropping blast amplified all the way from the peanut gallery and nearly took the back’s head off, en route to a game-changing fumble.

Smith doctored a throbbing migraine and smarting ego ensuing graduation and Clowney was selected in the NFL Draft as the No. 1 overall pick by the Texans. While Clowney’s presence entrenched in Houston’s defensive front four could provide the unit with a reckoning upgrade, the Texans fanbase should exert caution as they draft a legion of expectations for the 2015 Ford F-450’s freshman season.

Clowney is no David Copperfield illusion. His scouting report would indicate that he is the complete package. He is an athletic marvel with raw explosive power, has rare speed, can effortlessly split employed double-teams, bulls blockers into the backfield and is highly disruptive. Having said that, fans should be put on notice that Clowney is thinly built in the lower body. He lacks discipline on and off the field and had to be closely watched after having alighted on South Carolina’s campus and settled into the roost. He has also been known to be a flash player and it is absolutely imperative that he internally matures to be the caliber of disruptive force along the defensive front that the Texans are banking he will become.

Clowney is hardwired with the ingredients to be the next Reggie White. And if he presents his new gridiron administrators with the ability to be teachable and plays his cards right when entrenched in the defensive front contingent, there is no question he will prove to be a chronic migraine for even the league’s most stacked offensive lines.

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