Dwayne Allen Is Going To Be A Special Player For The Indianapolis Colts

By Chris Pimentel
Dwayen Allen, Indianapolis Colts
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, Dwayne Allen of the Indianapolis Colts missed 15 games due to a hip injury. In his only game last season, he managed to get one reception for 20 yards and a touchdown, but his impact was felt away from the ball.

When a team has a special player, it allows them to do so much more because of the matchup nightmares that player creates. The Seattle Seahawks are one example of this theory, as Earl Thomas covers so much ground playing free safety that it allows the Seahawks to blitz more, be more aggressive and press the receivers on the outside.

The slants against the blitzes are taken away because of the press, and so is the deep ball. They become much more difficult to play against just because of one player. Allen can be that kind of player on offense for the Colts this year.

He is by far one of the best blockers on the Colts’ offense, and that is an important skill to have with the Colts because they want to establish the run at all times. This should, in theory, take some pressure off Andrew Luck.

Allen’s presence in the offense is going to allow for a better running game because that will allow the Colts to use 3-1 formation (three wide receivers, one running back) against defenses, one which is typically used for passing situations. The effect is that the defense has to use a lighter formation, which means the Colts now have a running advantage.

Defenses will have to go to nickel-and-dime formations, and that favors the running game because there are fewer defenders in the box.

Now, if that holds true, the Colts would be able to have an effective running game because of the simple numbers advantage. A defensive coordinator might have to use a heavier set to stop the run. Now the defense goes into their basic package, which would probably be either, a 3-4 or 4-3. Those two are heavier sets that favor stopping the run, but now the passing game is opened up.

Defenses are now going to have to play two safeties over top with probably a man underneath and personally, I like the chances of the Colts’ wide receivers to win that battle all year.

I have just shown some adjustments that defense are going to have to make with Allen back in the lineup. With him in the mix, the Colts’ offense is going to be more explosive and more efficient this year, and that is why he is going to be a superstar in the NFL.

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