Kansas City Chiefs Avoid Mess, Extend Jamaal Charles

By Andrew Fisher
Jamaal Charles
USA Today Sports

Well, that did not escalate quickly.

After it seemed likely on Tuesday that Jamaal Charles would hold out of Kansas City Chiefs‘ Training Camp over a new contract, things got moving in a big hurry. Charles is now a rich, rich man.

This was unquestionably the right call by the Chiefs. They didn’t let Charles’ contract situation become a distraction, and the more you can avoid distractions in the NFL, the better.

There was no reason not to pay the man in this instance. He’s proven himself worthy of top five RB money with four stellar seasons in the past five years. The only bump in the road was his torn ACL in 2011, which can be written off as a freak injury at this point.

Charles’ future is still very bright at just 27 years of age, and at the same time, the Chiefs didn’t put themselves in a tough spot down the road. They won’t have to think about extending him for another three years, and by that time he may be on the downside of his career and unworthy of top five money.

Overall this is a big win-win for both sides. It’s something that doesn’t happen all that often in today’s sports world, so Chiefs fans should be extremely thrilled. Not only is Charles locked up for a few more years, but all those worries about him being a distraction at Training Camp can now be pushed aside.

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