New York Jets Headed In Right Direction With Stadium Rewards Program

By Luis Tirado Jr.
new york jets rewards
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Technology can be a beautiful thing, especially when you’re headed to watch your favorite football team play at the squad’s home stadium. After all, who doesn’t enjoy taking pictures and sharing them through social media?

Too many times though, people are so focused on their cell phones that they are missing out on the rest of the incredible football experience. Well, the New York Jets have a great idea to give people more of an incentive to be loud, pay attention and enjoy the game rather than looking down at their phones on gameday.

The plan is to issue reward points to season ticket holders for pumping out crowd noise for opposing teams during key moments, like when they commit a penalty or call a timeout when the going gets rough. Fans will also receive points for participating in chants, being 15 minutes early to games, and actually staying until the final whistle.

Besides accumulating points to get great merchandise or stadium-exclusive items, the Jets will also be giving away a seat in the owner’s suite and even tickets to fly on the team plane during away games for those who really rack up the points. Who wouldn’t want to sit where Woody Johnson does, or ride with the players while chatting with Rex Ryan about the finer points of defense?

Too often at home games, not every fan cheers at first downs or big-time defensive stops created by the Jets. It can be frustrating since most fans do, and that is what needs to change immediately. If the Jets are to have a shot at making the playoffs, they must win at home and make it feel like this will truly be a magical season.

Not only would it boost the overall confidence of the team, but it will make the games much more enjoyable for fans to attend. Perhaps the Jets’ version of the “12th Man” will provide the missing piece of the 2014 puzzle.

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