Cleveland Browns’ Josh Gordon Plans to Appeal Suspension

By Michael Terrill
Josh Gordon
Getty Images

It was only two days ago that Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine stated the organization had no intention of cutting wide receiver Josh Gordon. It is now being reported that Gordon plans to meet with NFL officials on Aug. 1 in New York City to appeal his one-year suspension for a failed drug test.

“So that’s why I don’t think that cutting him, while it may have worked for some other people, I don’t know if that’s necessarily the best option here. It might be the worst option for both — for us and for him. We’re going to wait and see what happens and then act accordingly,” Pettine told The Akron Beacon Journal.

The waiting game is all the Browns can do while they sit patiently to find out Gordon’s fate for the 2014 season. What makes it so difficult is that Gordon is by far the best offensive player on the team. He led the league with 1,646 receiving yards last season while he also put up nine touchdowns in the process.

Even though there is an open competition at the quarterback position, Cleveland would be less eager to see rookie Johnny Manziel start without a solid weapon to work with him. That means that if Gordon’s yearlong suspension holds up, which it probably will, the Browns will be more likely to go with Brian Hoyer. The reason is because there is no need to destroy Manziel’s confidence, especially if he does not have anyone to throw the ball to.

The 23-year-old Gordon was suspended for failing a drug test for marijuana. However, his recent arrest in North Carolina on suspicion of DWI is the big reason why I believe the NFL will stay determined to keep the one-year suspension intact.

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