Despite Michael Vick's Comment, New York Jets QB Geno Smith Shining

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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Quarterback Michael Vick recently made some interesting comments about where his career stands at this very moment. Not that he was taking shots at Geno Smith or anything; he was merely stating he still considers himself a premier quarterback that is capable of being an effective starter in the NFL. This doesn’t mean in any way, shape or form that the New York Jets have a quarterback controversy on its hands, it’s the contrary. They can boast about a very good quarterback situation since they have a veteran that is helping mold a possible future franchise player for a successful future.

Why would Vick say such comments? Well, it’s all about his mentality and the ability to accept that, despite what he believes in, the reality of the situation is that he’s on the outside looking in. He was simply brought in to mainly help in the development of Smith and as an insurance policy in case of injury or a decline in play. He is adjusting to life as a backup and is saying the right things to support a role he’s never had to deal with before in his career.

Smith has so far been thriving in training camp as he’s been said to be performing faster, smarter and becoming a much better quarterback than last year. His offseason regimen combined with constant work to improve all aspects of his game has allowed him to continue to shine. Of course, these are just the beginning stages of checking to see just how well his efforts this offseason will translate to when it truly matters most. Everyone does great during the summer heading intro training camps. What one does when the regular season starts is an entirely different test to take part in.

In the end, Vick is just merely venting his inner thoughts as he accepts the fact that he’s second fiddle in the city that never sleeps. As long as Smith is healthy and continues to keep this up and build on what he did towards the end of last season, Vick will be on the sidelines helping the Jets mentor him towards greatness. So far, Vick has done his part in grooming Smith for the future, whether he wants to accept it or not.

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