Marshawn Lynch Holdout Gets Seattle Seahawks Off To Bad Start

By Andrew Fisher
Marshawn Lynch
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to repeat. The Seattle Seahawks are finding that out already in the first week of Training Camp. Sidney Rice decided to hang up his cleats on Wednesday, and now news of Marshawn Lynch holding out has emerged.

Beast Mode wants a new contract, which is going to made some fans mad. He’s in the midst of a four-year/$30 million deal that started in 2012, and was scheduled to make $5.5 million in salary this season.

Does he have a leg to stand on? Maybe. Is he wildly underpaid? No way.

This holdout makes him look selfish. It’s clear that he’s thinking of himself before the team. The last thing a team needs when it’s trying to repeat is distractions, and one of the best offensive players sitting out Training Camp is certainly a distraction.

The speculation is that Lynch made the decision to hold out after seeing Jamaal Charles‘ new deal. The Kansas City Chiefs didn’t mess around and quickly gave Charles a raise before he held out of TC. You have to wonder if the Seahawks will do something similar with Beast Mode.

Lynch doesn’t deserve a new deal quite like Charles did, but there’s no denying that he’s been great the past few years. He’s looking out for his future and trying to get paid what he deems as fair. You have to respect that. But none of this will help the Seahawks be a better team in 2014.

Seattle fans will just have to hope that this situation gets resolved quickly.


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