Houston Texans: Main Reason Andre Johnson Showed Up To Camp

By Michael Terrill
Andre Johnson
Getty Images

After all of the talk about how he was going to hold out for a more substantial contract, Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson decided to show up to training camp after all on Friday. The main reason for him deciding to play may not be what you think.

“Nobody’s been here as long as I have,” Johnson said, according to CBS Sports. “You just kind of look at things. I’ve been thinking about things this offseason. And I just kind of wonder sometimes, ‘Is this still the place for me?’

“I just look at my career … I’ve only been to the playoffs twice. I think we’ve only had three winning seasons. I don’t think any player wants to experience that. I think over time it can become very frustrating. And this offseason has been very frustrating for me; beginning of the offseason, I should say. That’s just kind of where I’m at right now.”

An assumption was that contract negotiations had turned in a favorable light for Johnson. The purpose of him showing up to camp is a sort of goodwill that the team will honor any off-the-record agreements. However, it appears now that Johnson has decided to take part in camp because he just wants to win. More importantly, he believes the 2014 Texans squad has a legitimate shot at doing so, even if there is no guarantee at quarterback.

For a player that has only made the playoffs twice in 11 years and constantly a part of rebuilding teams, Johnson figured that being one of the best wide receivers in the league would at least garner him a worthy contract. I mean, think about it. He has put up with so much nonsense from the organization over the years. The least the Texans can do is pay him money that he is deserved to make.

If Houston doesn’t drastically improve on their 2-14 record from a season ago, we may see a side of Johnson that he has kept in reserve. Hopefully, everything will work out for the talented veteran.

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