New York Jets: "One Game At A Time" Mentality Is Key For 2014 Success

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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Head coach Rex Ryan sure loves to speak his mind. The New York Jets head coach has already started to rally his troops to believe that their 2014 campaign is going to be nothing short of magical. He’s not promising a Super Bowl victory this time around, but rather saying that with the upgrades the Jets have made this offseason, they are in a good position to win plenty of football games. Is he right?

Yes, to a degree. The Jets have always been a defense-oriented team under Ryan. They never really put much emphasis on offense because Ryan is a firm believer that defense wins championships. That said, while the defense has been consistently very strong, you won’t win many football games unless you put points on the scoreboard.

The success Ryan had in his first two seasons with the Jets came through running the football, along with having a simple offensive game plan that everyone believed in to complement the defense.

The only way the Jets can make a claim that they are indeed playoff-bound is if they stick to a simple mentality of looking at the season one game at a time. One can’t worry about postseason hopes during the summer because it’s too far ahead of what is happening right now. It’s all about taking small steps in the right direction by looking at each individual opponent on a weekly basis, sticking to the game plan and executing.

The Jets have put together a team that is pretty balanced on both sides of the ball, which is a good sign of things to come. Confidence breeds success, and one can chalk up all these comments as being optimistic that better times are ahead for the Jets. If the team can come together as one, hold each other accountable and have everyone carry their weight, then they might have found a recipe for success.

As long as everyone focuses on the season as one game at a time, perhaps they’ll still be playing well after the season has officially ended.

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