Last-Ranked Defense to First? Dallas Cowboys' Morris Claiborne is Delusional

By Westley Monell
Morris Claiborne
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne enters his second season in the NFL. In his rookie year, he was part of the worst defense in football.

“We were last in the league in defense and we’re trying to be No. 1. That’s our goal. We’re not shying away from it. It’s definitely embarrassing,especially when you know the type of talent you have on the team, but it’s just not showing up.”

For years the media has been spreading the word and hyping America’s Team as being talented. That isn’t the case; it’s just that owner Jerry Jones is very business-savvy. The Cowboys have been exposed and have put together 8-8 seasons too many times to be given the benefit of the doubt.

Why can’t these players make the correct statement and say something along the lines of, “It was embarrassing ranking last in defense a year ago. We’re working hard to correct things. Obviously we want to improve to the point of being an upper echelon unit, so we’re on our grind to move out from the cellar. With each week, we’ll study the film and adjust and come December, the plan is to be on our A-game vying for the division crown and a playoff spot.”

As simple as that, but no it couldn’t be that easy. We already know these guys have egos, but they need to be coached up on reality while expressing their confidence. I won’t go as far as to actually blame the coaching staff or the public relations representatives. The thing is, the players get caught up in the training camp hype because football is finally back in session. The media circus doesn’t help, but it’s disappointing as a fan and sports writer that we hear the same senseless jargon. It comes down to these athletes realizing the process, and that it takes commitment and patience. You know, walk before you run.

It’s understandable that Claiborne wants to be part of the best defense in football, in the case he should ask for a trade to the NFC West. That’s far from happening, but the guy should focus on himself staying healthy this season after missing six games in 2013.

It’s a good goal to have but very common, so it makes it an empty statement without much thought put into it. Come on guys, just practice hard, train hard, watch film, adjust, and give us some real answers. Statistically, Dallas could be worse, but in terms of rank, the team can only stay the same or improve. Dallas is already behind the eight-ball with the loss of linebacker Sean Lee, considering the Cowboys allowed DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher to leave via free agency. This team just can’t help but crave the spotlight. When you see that start to change, from Jones to his coaches all the way down to the players, then you know something has finally clicked with this franchise. Until then, this group looks destined to compete with the New York Giants to stay out of the NFC East cellar in 2014.

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