Why Seattle Seahawks Should Give Marshawn Lynch A New Contract

By Johnnie Dowling
Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks Holdout
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Marshawn Lynch is refusing to take part in Seattle Seahawks training camp due to a contract standoff. Many people see Lynch as being in the wrong, and I agree, however, the Seahawks need to get this situation sorted so focus can go back to preseason training.

If this situation does not get sorted out soon, then head coach Pete Carroll‘s relationship with his star running back will rapidly start to deteriorate. The Seahawks will need Lynch to land any chance of returning to the Super Bowl, a statement which is proven by the fact that the Seahawks were 26th in the League passing yards rankings, but 4th in rushing yards, thanks largely to the performances of Lynch.

It could also be argued that his request for a new contract is justified. After all, Jamaal Charles just landed himself a new two-year, $18,000,000 contract extension. I believe that Charles is a better running back than Lynch, shown by the fact he was three rankings higher in overall rushing yards, but Lynch did just spearhead the offense of the current Super Bowl Champions, and isn’t that worth something?

Put yourself in the shoes of Paul Allen, the Seahawks’ owner. Your team just won the Super Bowl and the start of preparations for the defense of your crown has started. Your best offensive weapon is asking for a new contract or refuses to train with his team. This puts coach Carroll in a position were he can’t run any plays involving Lynch unless he replaces him with the likes of  Robert Turbin. This could put Lynch’s position at risk because he hasn’t trained or learned the new plays.

Surely Allen knows he needs Lynch, so just give him the contract so the Seahawks training camp focus can return to the preparation of the new NFL season.

Johnnie Dowling is an NFL writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter and Google.

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