Are The Dallas Cowboys Done With Matt Johnson?

By Matt Banks
Matt Johnson Cowboys
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The name Matt Johnson will make any Dallas Cowboys fan shake their head in displeasure. He’s been more like myth instead of an actual NFL player. People know his name and his potential, but nobody ever sees him display it. He has been riddled with hamstring injuries throughout his career, but this latest injury was the nail in the coffin.

Johnson hasn’t played a single regular season game since being drafted in the fourth-round in the 2012 NFL Draft. Everyone says he could be the guy who could stabilize the back end of the defense. He’s supposed to be the guy who can provide attitude with a hard-hitting style.

His career has left much to be desired. It’s like buying a Mustang and getting a flat tire every time you take it out. Everybody knows that it can perform, but it can’t do anything special without rolling on all cylinders.

This particular hamstring injury may or may not be severe. His injury history tells us that this might carry on throughout the season. He obviously can’t afford to miss any time, and the Cowboys can’t afford to wait on him any longer. At some point, his potential has to take a backseat to being on the field.

Many jobs on the defense are open for those ready to seize the moment and grab them. Johnson has been given several chances, but his body has betrayed him each time. There’s no secret the Cowboys need a youthful star to emerge in the secondary, but it’s not going to be Johnson. 

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