New York Jets' Dee Milliner Absolutely Not The Best CB In NFL

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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It’s one thing to say that you’re working hard to be the best, but it’s another to claim you’re the best after a mediocre year in your rookie season. New York Jets cornerback Dee Milliner recently made the claim that he’s the best athlete at his position in the entire NFL. Really?

Perhaps he’s confused because last I checked, his name isn’t Richard Sherman. Surely he can’t be the best in the league after just one season, especially one in which he was either benched  for performance or missed games due to injury?

Milliner claimed that he wouldn’t say that anybody else is better than him at cornerback, and his statements were rather ignorant to say the least. If you’re the best, you don’t have to whisper a word. People know you’re the best from what they see on the field on a consistent basis. You’d need at least 10 interceptions or more to be the best, not just three. You can’t claim to be the best if your highest-performing games come against subpar teams like the Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins.

The best are the ones who show it on the field, not babble about it during summer training camps.

What Milliner claimed is laughable because he literally provided bulletin board material for teams that will certainly put his statements to the test. Can you imagine what quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers will have in store for him after reading such ridiculous comments? Not to mention all the top wide receivers that are probably anxiously awaiting to go up against him come the regular season.

You better believe that high-octane offenses will absolutely be hitting the Jets’ defensive secondary like there is no tomorrow thanks to Milliner.

In the end, while some will praise the confidence he has in his abilities, the reality is that it’s way too early for him to proclaim himself the best when he hasn’t proven anything. Now, with his comments, he will be on quite the pedestal to be a great shutdown corner. He’ll need to make Jets fans everywhere forget who Darrelle Revis is.

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