Robert Griffin III Can Lead Washington Redskins to the Playoffs in 2014

By Johnnie Dowling
Robert Griffin
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Robert Griffin III is set for a career year in the upcoming season. This, coupled with a few other factors, give the Washington Redskins a real chance to make the playoffs. Major changes have been made after a disappointing 3-13 season in 2013, leaving the side ready and rejuvenated for the new season.

First off, changes have been rung in the coaching department. Both Mike and Kyle Shanahan have been fired this offseason. The father and son coaching team had a bad relationship with QB RGIII, and with their replacements Jay Gruden and Sean McVay.

On top of the coaching changes, there are the offensive improvements. The addition of DeSean Jackson to the offense gives RGIII one of the league’s best WR cores in the NFL.

Although RGII had a disappointing season last year, you must remember his rookie year, when he led the Redskins to an impressive 10-6 playoff season. Also, the Redskins’ season last year was spoiled by team turmoil between RGIII and the coaching staff. RGIII was never 100 percent fit. He now looks ready to improve on last year and even his rookie season.

The NFC East is a weak division giving the Redskins a great chance to make the playoffs. However, I can only see this being possible with RGIII performing at his best. With many doubting his NFL credentials after last season, I see this year being the season where he truly shows why he was the Heisman Trophy winner and the second overall pick in the 2012 draft.

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Redskins tickets may turn out to be quite a bargain. Right now they’re on the cheaper side compared to the rest of the league, and if RGIII returns to form, the Redskins could realistically be a playoff team.

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