Washington Redskins 2014 Training Camp Profile: Lache Seastrunk

By Jason Bailey
Lache Seastrunk
Casey Sapio-USA Today Sports

There are eight running backs stationed at Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond, VA. All are vying for restricted roster spots and secretly hoping head coach Jay Gruden throws the (play) book at select encompassing associates whose game has been deemed most inadequate for NFL-grade play and denied the chance to don a regulation helmet in the fall.

After all, Gruden won’t be keeping everybody. Two’s a party, three’s a crowd, four’s not allowed, and five is dumb, stupid and ridiculous. Veterans don’t want to be disregarding the projected repercussions of mediocre training camp effort, nor do coveted draft prospects want to be exerting subpar performances during elementary drills. That’s not much incentive for Gruden to retain your behind. It’s grounds for a matter-of-fact ejection from the squad’s preseason roster light years before you’ve had your daybreak rations of Wheaties and milk. Do you want that in English? It means you’re cut.

For standout Baylor prospect Lache Seastrunk, entrenching himself among the already loaded stable of decisive thoroughbreds on the roster will require that the rookie up his game in the flat and in the secondary. Coaches will also be closely evaluating Seastrunk’s play with his mitts, as well as his ridiculous ground game. Lache saw restricted action at the collegiate level of play during his mere two seasons with the Bears. He was discharged from the Bears backfield 131 times for 1,012 yards and seven touchdowns. The electric back posted a 7.7-yard average and fielded nine passes for 107 yards and one touchdown.

Seastrunk is deceptively fast. The sixth-round selection has tremendous field vision and can hit cutback lanes without breaking stride. He also packs incredible run balance, but Seastrunk lacks a striking size. Registered at 5-foot-9, 201 pounds, the Baylor product likely won’t be trucking over first or second-level defenders. As previously mentioned, he has limited receiving production and was employed in a voltaic spread-offense that produced barge-sized running lanes which inflated his ground production.

He has a shot to secure a place on the Redskins’ depth chart as a complementary back, but that’s about all he has. I wouldn’t roll the dice on Seastrunk’s future in the league. Yet, stranger things have happened.

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