Dallas Cowboys: Resting Tony Romo May Do More Harm Than Good

By Matt Banks
Tony Romo
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QB Tony Romo has sat out a couple of practices since the start of training camp, but the organization insists it’s just precautionary. If he continues to sit out sporadically, more questions about his health may arise. Jason Garrett needs to watch himself in this situation. Letting Romo have too much rest may do more harm than good.

Romo needs to be eased in during the beginning of camp. He shouldn’t be pushed very hard right out of the gate. At the same time, too much rest may hinder his progressions to prepare for the season opener against the San Francisco 49ers.

No. 9 is a veteran who has been through the preseason schedule several times before. I agree that it’s less important that he take each and every snap, but he can’t continue to get days off. Somewhere down the line, he will have to put in consistent hours of work. While the first game is the light at the end of the tunnel, there are certain steps he needs to take before he is ready to play in a meaningful game.

He’s entering another season with somebody else entering the offensive scheme in Scott Linehan. He’s a complex guy. His system will provide new challenges for Romo and the entire offense. There’s only so much Romo can gather by asking questions. He needs to get as many reps as possible to get a feel for the plays and adjustments that must be made.

The only proof the team will have that Romo is fully healthy will be when he takes his first hit. That’s obviously not going to come at any Dallas Cowboys practice.

So when is he going to over that mental hurdle?

He needs to play in the preseason. If he sits out all the games or plays in a limited role in the third preseason game, then there is more to the injury than they have let on. If the first real contact he gets comes in the first regular season game, his season may end before he realizes it even started.

Nobody can question Romo’s toughness. He has won games while playing with a punctured lung and a herniated disc in his back, so there’s no doubt he will make every effort to get out on the field. I get what Garrett is trying to do, but in the end, it may backfire on him. This is a huge decision; Garrett’s job, the Cowboys’ season and Romo’s career all depend it.

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