New York Jets' Calvin Pryor Learns Valuable Lesson Before Start of Season

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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When one gets too excited and starts to play a bit too reckless, setbacks often come your way. In this case, a setback has fallen upon New York Jets safety Calvin Pryor as he’s already at a disadvantage before the season even started. Unfortunately, Pryor suffered a concussion this past weekend at training camp and was placed in the mandated NFL protocol program until he’s medically cleared to return due to his head injury. He suffered the injury while blocking on a kick return play.

Pryor’s nickname on defense is “Bonecrusher” for his amazing abilities on delivering some pretty heavy hits to anyone coming his way with a football. Of course with this mentality of hitting anything and everything like there is no tomorrow comes plenty of consequences. Before even playing in his first ever regular season game, Pryor now has the lingering notion that he’s endured a concussion which might make him rethink everything now. Perhaps now he’ll think twice about putting his health on the line just to “lay out” a receiver running his way to live up to his nickname.

In life, you need to work smarter, not harder. When it comes to professional football, the same rule applies because the best of the best know how to enter any given situation the smart way. As an athlete, you would want to have a long, successful career and not one riddled with injuries because you wanted to hit harder or put your body at risk every single time you’re on the field.

While many believe Pryor should be fine and return in no time, it raises the question if he truly understands that sometimes you have to look at things from a different perspective before hitting people without thinking about your well-being.

Hopefully Pryor learned a valuable lesson from this unfortunate injury that he can still make just as much a huge impact on the Jets by also being cerebral rather than simply physical. After all, fans everywhere want to see what he’s made of on the field, not get weekly injury reports of how he’s doing off it.

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