New York Jets OC Marty Mornhinweg Brewing Something Special

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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Could something special be brewing in New York? Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg believes it is in addition to his entire unit on offense. You see, for the first time in years, the New York Jets actually wanted to insert top talent on offense rather than solely focus on defense. Don’t get me wrong, defense wins championships, but it’s also safe to say that if you can’t score points on offense, you won’t really get that far come the NFL Playoffs.

The Jets wanted to make sure they bolstered the offense by going after key athletes who can turn things around in a blink of an eye, especially at the wide receiver position. Make no mistake about it; last season the Jets were pretty much at the bottom of the heap when it came to passing the football. Ranking 31st in the entire league at just 183 yards per game is downright embarrassing as change needed to happen if the Jets wanted to be back in contention. Now with key additions on offense like Eric Decker, Chris Johnson, Michael Vick and some solid rookie talent acquired through the 2014 NFL Draft, the Jets are poised to deliver on offense this upcoming season. But how will it all gel together?

This is where Mornhinweg comes into play.

Mornhinweg is known for having a good tempo on offense and loving to run the football right down the throats of opponents. The decision has been made by the Jets to become committed to a ground-and-pound offense in which many can expect the Jets to run the football about 70 percent of the time. The other 30 percent of the time, expect some traditional play-calling with a focus on the deep ball. Mornhinweg made sure to simplify the Jets’ offensive playbook to the point that it is both comfortable to grasp and easily executable. It requires everyone to put in the work for it all to come together, and so far, it’s been transitioning well to everyone on offense.

Last season the Jets ranked sixth in the league for running the football, and now with vastly upgraded talent, it’s easy to see the Jets becoming a top three rushing juggernaut. With Johnson, Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell leading the charge, the Jets have the ability to truly run up and down the field with ease. Quarterback Geno Smith is penciled in as the starting option for the Jets, and he’s been getting solid reviews in training camp. Finally, with Decker helping everyone around him improve, he will be key factor in making the Jets’ wide receiving corps something defenses will fear once they take off. He’s been developing players like Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley to improve their game, and that’s one of the big reasons why everyone will indeed be stepping up this season. It’s time for the Jets to silence the critics once and for all by leaving it all on the field.

In the end, it’s through the fundamentals that Mornhinweg is establishing that this Jets offense needed to have everyone excited to suit up and be contenders again. It takes everyone to believe in Mornhinweg’s system if it’s to be successful, and so far, everyone is amped up to finally outscore opponents and prove that the Jets’ offense will be something special to watch all season long.

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