Overconfidence Might Come Back To Haunt New York Jets

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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When it comes to football and overconfidence as a team, you need the credentials to back it up. The New York Jets as of late have been dropping a ton of headlines proclaiming to be the best at this and the best at that, yet it’s getting to be a bit much. At the current moment, the final stages of summer are almost here and training camp is in full swing. Considering how the Jets are using the final games of last season against mediocre teams as a foundation to build upon for this year, these recent comments are a bit overboard. They should focus everything to the mentality of one game at a time.

Finishing 8-8 surely is nothing to brag about, as the Jets were mostly inconsistent and dropped the ball when they had opportunities to make some serious noise. Entering this season, some players on the Jets feel like they need to chime in with their thoughts on just how great they are or how the team believes they will perform this year. Firstly, quarterback Geno Smith said he expects to be a top-five player at his position. Secondly, Dee Milliner said he’s the best cornerback in the NFL. Finally, even general manager John Idzik said that all this confidence is legitimate as the Jets are going to shock the football world this season.

Enough is enough! Let the action speak for itself, guys.

Confidence is a great motivator in achieving success. Overconfidence without the means to back it up, though, is an entirely different story since now the Jets have painted a bulls-eye for opponents to focus on. All of these claims made will absolutely provide bulletin board material for the real contenders in the league that will want to make a mockery of the Jets once everything matters. Think about what the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos or even the Green Bay Packers will all have in store for the Jets when they face each other in the regular season.

The bottom line is that if the Jets do indeed have something special brewing, which I believe they do, it should all be spoken about on the field. The performance will always speak for itself, and once the wins start racking up, that will show everyone the Jets mean business. Let the touchdown passes Smith throws or the interceptions Milliner grabs speak about the overall talent on the team. Then and only then should such remarks be made; otherwise everything might come back to haunt the Jets as the season progresses.

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