Bon Jovi, Donald Trump Submit Offers to Purchase Buffalo Bills

By Michael Terrill
Bon Jovi
Getty Images

As weird as it would be to see Jon Bon Jovi, a New England Patriots fan, own the Buffalo Bills, that did not stop the world famous musician from submitting an offer to purchase the team. Multi-billionaire Donald Trump and Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula also reportedly submitted offers to become the next owner of the Bills.

Bon Jovi is the main attraction in an ownership group that consists of Canadian businessman Larry Tannenbaum and the Rogers family, who are based in Toronto. Even though it is strictly prohibited by the NFL for an ownership group to discuss moving a team from its current city, Bon Jovi and friends have been exploring stadium sites in Toronto that would be a good fit for the Bills. Fans may think this could not be a legitimate possibility, but the reality is the team’s stadium lease is up in eight years. Not to mention, an owner could pay a reported $28.4 million to move the team once the 2019 season concludes.

Trump stated earlier this week that he had no intention of purchasing the Bills. Cleary, that statement was not entirely accurate as he did reportedly submit a bid for the team. Of course, his offer is non-binding due to the fact that he is bidding alone. Trump admitted that his chances are dim, which is perfectly fine with him.

Pegula, who according to is a “cash-flush oil-and-gas multi-billionaire,” seems to be the man the people of Buffalo would prefer to be the new owner of the team. The reason is because he has invested interests in the city of Buffalo. Along with that, he is determined to put the city on the map by improving the development of the downtown area.

Whoever decides to purchase the team will need to be prepared to drop a significant amount of cash. According to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, “…the Bills expect the sale of the team to reach more than $1.1 billion.”

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