Kevin Vickerson Should Know Seattle Seahawks' Pads are Ready for Dialogue

By Eighty Six
Kevin Vickerson
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As reported by RantSportsWestley Monell, Denver Broncos DT Kevin Vickerson went off on the Seattle Seahawks. In an article by Paul Klee of the Colorado Springs Gazette Vickerson said: “#%$& Seattle. Write it down. Take a picture.”

It’s been written down, photographed, digitized and passed around.

This thing is personal. Vickerson used to be a Seahawk. After leaving the Tennessee Titans in 2009, he was briefly with Seattle. He was one of the many players Pete Carroll cycled through when he was new. The day after Seattle cut him, Denver signed him. Vickerson could have been on the other team in the Super Bowl last year.

Vickerson didn’t play in the Super Bowl for Denver either. He dislocated his hip in November and missed the rest of the season.

These is lots of built up frustration for Vickerson, but he’ll get a chance to let it out in the preseason and again in Seattle Week 3. I’m already stoked for that matchup.

Vickerson says that some players are “media guys” and need to talk to “get ramped up”. He says he’s a different type who lets his pads do the talking. I appreciate that. As a Seahawks fan, I’m behind Richard Sherman but I do prefer athletes who speak softly and carry a big stick. All the offseason jibber-jabber is meaningless. What happens on the field is what counts.

Yet there’s a major difference between what Vickerson said and how Sherman talks. I’ve never heard Sherman swear. He’ll explain crisply and cleanly why his teammates match up in a superior fashion.

Like him or not, Sherman is always intelligent and precise. When he draws attention to himself, he pulls the spotlight away from other Seahawks who don’t want it. He does it on purpose. The famous rant after the NFC Championship game, though fueled with lots of spontaneous adrenaline, effectively created media quiet for Russell Wilson to prepare for the Super Bowl. While everyone was busy hating Sherman, they left Wilson in peace.

Vickerson is understandably frustrated. After eight years of fighting to reach the Super Bowl, he was hurt and couldn’t play. That emotion is powerful motivation, but Seattle has some of that too. Gregg Scruggs, Tharold Simon and Jesse Williams all missed last year due to injuries. While Super Bowl rings are passed around and the team visits the White House, those guys are wishing they could have been a bigger part of it. All they want to do is strap on some pads and defend a title.

I respect you, Vickerson, and appreciate your ethic that pads, and not lips, should be making the noise on the field. Your team has improved with the additions of DeMarcus Ware, TJ Ward and Aqib Talib. The Broncos are ready play defense as well as light up the scoreboard.

But look out. Wilson has never stopped improving. Percy Harvin is healthy. Seattle countered every free agency loss with a draft pick or a developing prospect. The Seahawks are better, too.

I can’t wait. Bring it. Enough offseason blah-bitty-blah. Time for the pads to start talking.

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