Washington Redskins' Brian Orakpo Set For Monster 2014 Season

By Jason Bailey
Brian Orakpo
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

After withstanding a 16-game hair-pulling fest which saw the Washington Redskins‘ defense allow 23 touchdowns on the ground, 29 through the air, be outscored by a ridiculous 128-point margin and allow an unacceptable 407 points on the season (31.3) per game, what would you say if I told you that a distinct component of the Redskins’ scoring prevention unit is absolutely stacked?

This unit, in fact, is projected to play lights out defense in 2014 and will not be showing partiality of any caliber to substandard signal callers or would-be ball carriers. The unit’s scouting report suggests that it is hyper-sensitive to abrupt disturbances and has a remarkably touchy gauge when confronted by those who would entertain thoughts of encroaching beyond its implicit territorial parameters. That is an area known to most encompassing the league as the line of scrimmage.

And, in the event that would-be carriers anchor the abdominal grit to venture into a restricted area in Washington known as the defensive backfield’s second level, the unit will consider such actions an inexcusable and unforgivable breach of security, engage and end your behind.

I’m referring to the Redskins’ linebacking corps, powered by human battering ram Brian Orakpo. The three-time Pro Bowler effortlessly detonated offensive backfields last season. And he is a force that the Secret Service detail would find disrupting his game very frustrating.

The six-year demolition machine has chronically destroyed offensive backfields, racking up 39.5 career sacks, jarring six forced fumbles, logging an interception and even bulldozing his way into the end zone off a fumble returned for six.

Last season Orakpo punished signal callers with 10 sacks and unloaded on the conference’s premier backs, en route to posting 43 tackles with 17 assists. The Redskins’ secondary might be missing in action and its pass rush in need of more rounds before effective discharge, but Washington’s linebacking corps won’t require the application of a taser as incentive to end opposing backs this season.

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