Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Shows Innovation With Playoff Ticket Idea

By Matt Banks
Jerry Jones
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The Dallas Cowboys are taking a beating today after reports have shown that they sent out playoff tickets as a part of their season-ticket package. Many are misconstruing the meaning of this tactic. People think this is Jerry Jones being brash and overconfident. In reality, it’s brilliant marketing.

There’s a reason you and I have regular jobs with regular salaries. Many people don’t have the foresight to predict what might happen in the future. That is all this is. The organization has been reading the writing on the wall in regards to playoff ticket sales over the past couple seasons. Playoff teams have struggled to sell tickets recently. Many season-ticket holders find themselves strapped for cash and time around the holiday season.

All Jones has done is eliminate one aspect of the equation. Putting the tickets in the fans’ possession right away could allow them to plan and save in hopes of purchasing the tickets. The customer won’t be charged unless the team clinches a playoff spot. The Cowboys printed tickets through the NFC Championship. You can call Jones a lot of things, but you have to give him credit on being a terrific businessman.

The Cowboys did this because Jones understands printing the tickets is not a loss. If they get people in those seats come playoff time, his return on investment will come back tenfold. Let’s face it, most of the NFL fans were going to rip the Cowboys anyway so why not go off and try a new strategy? The organization doesn’t fear taking a verbal beatdown from the media because they are used to it. They are the perfect organization to give this idea a test run.

There will be plenty of hate to go around for Jones and the Cowboys. Most of the population would be distraught if they couldn’t ridicule everything related to the Cowboys. Make no mistake about it, this is an excellent idea. Don’t be surprised when another cluster of NFL owners tries this tactic in the next few years.

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