New England Patriots Rumors: Brady Quinn Coming to Foxboro?

By Will Gellman
Brady Quinn NFL
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Former NFL QB Brady Quinn dropped a potential bombshell Friday. He disclosed on the Dan Patrick show that he worked out for an unknown team on Monday. He followed that up by saying the following: “In this particular situation, though, they need something to happen in order for me to possibly be there.” Andrew Perloff later tweeted that he was hearing the team was the New England Patriots.

Now, this could mean very little for the Patriots or it could mean an awful lot. If Quinn does indeed sign there, it could signal a Ryan Mallett trade in the very near future. Despite the Houston Texans already naming Ryan Fitzpatrick their starter, it’s still possible they want a guy with more upside to start for them long term. Bill O’Brien knows Mallett and he has been learning behind Brady for a while now.

If it’s not about Mallett, it could — although it seems unlikely — be about Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy has struggled quite a bit in training camp thus far, whether it’s with making the right reads, or holding onto the football. It’s still early, and struggles should be expected from a first-year project QB, but a move for Quinn may hint at the Pats not being as confident in Garoppolo as they were in May.

Tom Brady is the starter for the time being obviously, so it’s not as if Quinn could come in and be the guy. It is possible however, that he could push Mallett for the title of Patriots backup QB. Garoppolo is surely not ready to hold that distinction, at least right now, and the Pats know that.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of Quinn, and I never have been, even when he played for Notre Dame. However, there is very little risk in bringing him in. He has virtually no shot at starting as I said before, barring a Brady injury, and he would cost virtually nothing to bring in. The Patriots brought in Tim Tebow a year ago, so it’s not like they dislike surrounding their backups with competition.

Quinn is 29 years old, and may not have much more room for growth, but it can’t hurt to have another veteran in your QB core. It provides you flexibility should the unthinkable happen. The Patriots may have just worked him out based on curiosity, seeing if he has anything left and nothing more, but that is unclear at this point.

Whether it’s because of Garoppolo’s struggles, Mallett potentially being traded, or just due diligence, the Patriots are clearly still looking at the QB position. This development will definitely be worth monitoring in the coming days and weeks.

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