New Orleans Saints Should Keep Home Magic Alive

By William Potter
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With the possible exception of the world champion Seattle Seahawks, no NFL team has been more dominant on their home turf than the New Orleans Saints. In 2014, at least on paper, their success at the Superdome should continue. Pending any major meltdown, the Saints will win a vast majority (if not all) of their games at home.

The Saints don’t have an incredibly difficult schedule, but most of their tougher games do come at home. The three home games that really stick out are the Green Bay Packers (Week 8), the San Francisco 49ers (Week 10) and the Carolina Panthers (Week 14). There are a few others that might prove to be challenging, but these are certainly the most nerve-wracking.

The Packers are a tough matchup for anyone, as Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks to play the game. Combine that with the rest of the weapon-heavy offense and a few great playmakers on defense. Rodgers won’t be easily rattled by the home crowd, so this one could end up being a shootout. With the talent on the Saints’ secondary, they get the advantage.

The 49ers are a different story. They have a potent offense and one of the best defenses in the league, so the Saints offense might not be up to its usual stuff. They’ll also have a big job shutting down Colin Kaepernick, but they should be able to shut down the receivers and give the offense a few more chances.

The Panthers pose a huge threat to the Saints. Cam Newton is an incredible athlete and will be a challenge to stop. Their defense might be the best in the league (aside from the Seahawks’) and they have plenty of experience against the Saints offense. Their weak point is their lackluster receiving corps, which will have to go head up against a power-packed secondary.

Aside from a few key games, the Saints should be able to continue their dominance in New Orleans. It would be shocking for them to not have a ton of success at home.

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