Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch Motivated For Another Super Bowl

By Eighty Six
Marshawn Lynch
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Marshawn Lynch is back in Seattle Seahawks‘ training camp. His contract has been adjusted a bit. Rather than earning $5 million plus a $500,000 roster bonus and $500,000 for reaching 1,500 yards, Beast Mode will earn $6 million guaranteed. I’m sure there are more financial details involved that are over the head of a simple football fan like me, but is seems clear that this is the year for Lynch. After 2014, the Seahawks and No. 24 may move on to separate futures.

Lynch could earn up to $7.5 million and count $9 million against the salary cap in 2015. In a year that Seattle must write big contracts for Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and others, that’s a lot of money for a running back heading into his tenth season with lots of hard miles on the odometer.

It makes sense for Lynch to have one more run and then pass the rock to Robert Turbin and Christine Michael. It sure would be nice to walk out with a Super Bowl ring for the other hand.

No more distractions for the Seahawks then. Everyone’s in camp, and it’s time to get to work. The mission is clear: win another for the Beast.

Remember Week 10 last year when the Atlanta Falcons safety William Moore tried to push Lynch out of bounds? Most runners would decide the play was over, step out and get back to the huddle. Lynch is built differently. As if the sideline was on fire and a pool of lava was on the other side, Lynch put a hand under Moore’s chin and tried to push his head off his shoulders rather than let the play end easily.

When Beast Mode is running like that, the whole team follows, which is why he’s so important to the Seahawks. It’s only a little about yards and touchdowns. It’s a lot about toughness and will.

Expect Lynch to face every opponent this year like Moore and that sideline in Atlanta. Want to take him down? Better bring 12 defenders. Want him to end the season without a second Super Bowl ring? Better build a wall, high and thick.

I’m so happy to have that holdout behind us. Last time I was this excited about the Seahawks was when they signed Percy Harvin. Welcome back, Marshawn. Time for that action, boss.

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