Drew Brees’ Oblique Strain is Concerning for New Orleans Saints

By David Miller
Drew Brees
Getty Images

There may be no ‘I’ in team but the New Orleans Saints come as close to relying on one man for success as any other team in the NFL. As Drew Brees goes, so go the Saints. That makes every single eye of Who Dat Nation grow wide in worry when they hear that Brees missed a scrimmage because of an oblique strain. Reports are clearly stating that this strain is minor but for Saints fans, nothing that ails Brees is minor.

If there is good news in this, it is certainly that Brees has a long time to make sure he is fully healthy before taking back to full-time activity. If he gets back too soon however, Saints fans might rightly worry that he could hurt himself worse or at least elongate the nagging nature of such an injury.

Surely it should be said that Brees has shown no signs of getting old or slowing down. There is no reason to believe that this injury will do anything other than give Brees the chance to study a little more off the practice field than on it. All things being normal, Brees should be ready to go Week 1 for the Saints just like he always is.

If this had happened during the season, it might be of a more worrisome degree. At least for Saints fans, Brees has all of the preseason to make certain he is ready to start the 2014 campaign. We all know that he will be ready to go in every way he can be ready to go. Here is hoping, on behalf of the Saints faithful, that the minor oblique strain for Brees remains minor for a couple of days and then goes away completely.

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