New York Jets' Defense Shines in Annual Green and White Game

By Vinny Lanni
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets took the field on Saturday night and it lined up against a familiar opponent. The Jets Green-and-White games take place every year and it is a match up that features the players on the Jets’ defense against the players on the Jets’ offense. It’s just a very small sample size and a teaser for the fans in attendance to see their favorite team before the preseason kicks-off.What the fans in attendance saw was more of the same from last season, and that is the New York Jets’ defense is still pretty good and its offense is off to an average start.

Some of the standouts from the game included newly-acquired DE Jason Babin and NT Kenrick Ellis. I have high hopes for both of these guys to play big roles with the Jets this year, so to see these two playing well early on should be a great sign moving forward. The Jets’ defense held the offense to six points and two field goals, which is pretty much a big win for them. I wouldn’t worry too much about the results of this game, but it’s interesting to see new faces on the team mixed in with some of the guys from last year.

For those taking notes at home, Geno Smith finished 7 of 14 for 84 yards and Michael Vick finished 7 of 13 for 47 yards, but Vick did add in 35 yards rushing. Each quarterback led its offense to three points each, so neither one did impress early on. If these numbers continue to stay the same, the job is going to go to Smith because he already has the big edge on the newly-acquired Vick.

More notes include Chris Johnson stepping on the field and getting back into NFL-ready mode and Stephen Hill making some nice plays during practice. To see Johnson healthy and feeling well is a great sign for the Jets and if Hill can play with some consistency, he could be in for a nice year.

The Jets’ defense played like we expected it to and the offense was way too familiar, but it’s just a scrimmage, so let’s hope for some more coherency when the preseason kicks off against the Indianapolis Colts on August 7.

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